UDF Fields - Opera 5 - Kiosk Interface (Only for local installations)

UDF Fields - Opera 5 - Kiosk Interface (Only for local installations)

If you are an Opera Kiosk Interface user, you may have noticed that some of the fields are not compiled inside Opera's profile .This is because these fields are not available through web services, and therefore we cannot transfer the information in the same way as we do with the rest of the fields.There is a solution that allows PassportScan to send this information on UDF (User Defined Fields) fields. These are custom fields that Oracle can configure for us to send such information. The most common fields are "Birth Country" and "Place of Birth" but here we leave you the list of fields that we can configure. To carry out this configuration, a previous intervention of Oracle is necessary. Once these fields are configured, we only need the name of the configured fields to link them with ours.

  • Our field list:



Configuration Sample:


Have in mind that this workout needs a specific intervention from Oracle's support, and this is a customized workout. Unfortunately we have no control over it, and it only works for the local version of Opera 5. Meaning that it doesn't work for cloud versions of Opera.


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