Tablet is shown in the main display - Inverted Display Fix

Tablet is shown in the main display - Inverted Display Fix

How to force Windows to Rediscover Monitors

Whenever Windows sees a new monitor it adds it to the end of the current configuration. However, this doesn't change the current configuration.To force Windows to configure monitors properly if the numbers aren't correct, you need to delete these two registry keys, and then add the monitors one at a time.

As the tablet is considered a second display, it might end up being the main display due to the high resolution of the device.

Specially in Windows 7 (But also happens in Windows 10) it might take the tablet as the main display, meaning that the system display is going to end up in the tablet, and the signature process and Passportscan's logo, will be displayed in the computer monitor.

In order to fix this:

1 - Disconnect the tablet, you may just disconnect it from the electricity or also the HDMI cable of the tablet.
2 - Open Windows Registry (Regedit).
3 - Delete the following entries:


If you rather, DisplayLink guys have already created a Registry File that you can download and run in order to delete these entries automatically.

4- Now just reboot your computer and whenever the system is fully loaded, connect all the tablet cables again.

5- Now just calibrate the tablet using Wacom Tablet properties:

Have in mind that the tip feel should be soft, the right click should be deactivated and then complete the calibration process.

Wacom Calibration Driver

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