Local Passportscan - Windows Client Installation

Local Passportscan - Windows Client Installation

WARNING: Use exactly the files we provided, using a newer version of ODBC or Visual C++ could create a malfunction into your Passportscan Client.

Files needed:


Passportscan Classic (Windows Client)

MySQL ODBC Connector (You might also need Visual C++ for VS2013)

Hardware drivers:

Fujitsu Fi65-F
PassportScan Square

Wacom Driver :

Wacom STU Drivers

Wacom DTH/DTU Drivers

Step 1:Install Visual C++ and MySQL ODBC Connector. It is a simple installation, follow the installer until it completes the installation.

Step 2: Download Passportscan Client and create the following folder path manually

C:\Passportscan\app\passportscan.exe  (Paste the file into your new app folder)

Step 3: ODBC Configuration and Link to the Database

Open the following file: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe

Use the second tab: System DSN

Click add, and select MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode Driver

Copy the following configuration:

2nd Tab:

3rd Tab:

Now click, OK, Accept and your connection is ready for Passportscan use.

Driver installation:

Now, Install your Scanner and Tablet, pick up your model and download the drivers. It will be a simple installation.

Step 4: Connecting Passportscan

It's time to open Passportscan, we have installed it in "C:\Passportscan\app\passportscan.exe". Don't forget to create a Shortcut and put it in your public desktop: "C:\Users\Public\Desktop". It will be visible from any windows user.

Right after that, Open Passportscan, it will load and call the drivers of your hardware and it will ask you for a configuration:

Click those that "..." icon in red and Build a connection:

From here:

1 - Click "Build..." Icon.
2 - Click directly into "Connection" Tab
3 - Select the connection you created previously from ODBC. In this case: "PS".

Right after that, click Accept, OK, and Accept again, and the Login screen will pop-up to perform your first login.

If you have any doubt after completing the installation, feel free to send us a ticket using our website: www.passportscan.net