Database Connection Problems

Database Connection Problems

One of the most common problems with the local version of Passportscan is this window:

It belongs to the configuration step of Passportscan and it will only appear when PassportScan is not attached yet to a database, or when Passportscan is not able to reach the database configured.

In order to resolve this error, the first thing to check is whether the server has an internet connection or is working properly. If you are an operator, or a receptionist and you are able to do it, simply restart the server. If there is no damage, Passportscan should be working within a few minutes.

If restarting the server does not solve the problem, have in mind that we will need to check the server in order to identify the problem, and we might need the support of your IT Team.


It often happens that after a power failure, or an incorrect system shutdown, the server cannot reactivate the MySQL service, and may even corrupt the database. From Passportscan support we strongly recommend configuring a backup on our database in order to prevent data loss and generate unforeseen costs by the recovery of the service.

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